Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I admitted to a friend today that I was eating ice cream. I did. It wasn't that great, but I ate it all. She was glad that I told her because she needed to know that I messed up and fell off my sugar ban. That's cool. I delight in the failures of others as well. It means that we are all human. So, to make you all feel really, really human here are some of my confessions:

I delight in the failure of others. (not really, I just learn from them)

I haven't opened the mail in over a week. I just keeps piling up.

I avoid phone calls, especially confrontational ones.

I have no idea how to pay bills at this current moment in time. I used to do it, but now Bill has set up some online billing and automatic payments and that is freaking me out a little. I'm going to be the widow that has no idea how much (or how little) money she has.

My van is a mess. A big mess. A pigsty on many days. There are strange colored food particles in the rut where the seats are supposed to sit.

There are several loose DVD's and VHS tapes around the house because I am too lazy to put them back in their cases.

I've lost 2 Netflick movies, only to find them right where I left them days later.

I get mad at my husband.

I will never admit how much money I've paid the library in late fees. I put myself on a payment plan and limited the number of items the girls could check out at a time. Once, when Kyra needed a book for a report, I took her to the bookstore because I didn't want to face the checkout Nazi at the library desk.

A friend said I am OCD about cleaning my sink, but right now there are rust stains in the bottom because I had emptied a tin can and let it dry overnight. I'm not worried.

I yell at my kids, and am not proud of it.

I sometimes serve popcorn for dinner if Bill isn't home.

I recently gave up my ban on rated R movies because I don't have a child that cares about it anymore.

I've broken the Word of Wisdom a few times and had to repent.

I don't get offended easily, but if you tick me off, watch out. (I honestly don't know the last person that's made me really mad. But if you want to know about the wrath of H, talk to Bill's ex-wife or the crazy lady that stole our money in a bowling league 10 years ago. Wow, it's been that long?)

I can hold a grudge. But if you're nice enough to me, I'll forgive you.

There's a load of laundry that has been sitting in the washing machine since 9am. I'm going to stop making myself look bad now and go take care of that.

I hope you all feel a little bit better about yourselves now :) Who's up for a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen?


Marie said...

I caved today too and had some of Damion's orange soda at Subway today. I am mad at Dairy Queen right now or I'd go with you for that oh so delicious sounding treat.

mamamuniz said...

I feel better! I have done/do many of those things. I keep vidoes so long they charge me for them and that makes me remember to return them! Thanks for sharing.

Jaylee Draney said...

I checked and the closest DQ is on Rural and Elliot. I'm ready when you're ready.

April said...

Oh blizzards...uh zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh. I'm in with Jaylee. Let's go!

Bridget said...

me me me!!! I want ice cream! I will eat it anytime and that's why I weigh what I do! My van has crumbs in it too, I hate mail and pay all bills online ...which reminds me that I haven't don it yet. I have library fines so bad that I use my kids cards to check out books now. I always have movies out of place and don't want to put them back. We all get mad at our husbands...I would eat popcorn if you served it to me.....lets see , the laundry, the kids, the R rated movies, I've done it all...See your just normal...or maybe we are both weird?!?

Rachel said...

I miss you.

Rachel said...

I miss you.