Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tasha(ism)'s and conversations

Tasha: Mom, I can say 3 words now...

Me: Oh yeah, what are they?
Tasha: "Dessert, bathroom, and, how do you say 'famlee home veevning'"
(I miss the old ways she said, 'wizert' and 'bwathroom'. Obviously she doesn't have FHE down yet.)

Tasha(ism): I'm boring.
(She's trying to say that she's bored. I find this one hilarious! She doesn't. I start laughing and she's bored. You can imagine how well that goes over.)

Tasha(ism): That's what I was meaning.
(This is what she says if you correct her or try to clarify something she said. She says it in a very exasperated tone, ususally with dramatic hand gestures.)

Tasha: "Bunny, chicken, fish?"

(That was right after this conversation...)
Tasha: Mom, I want something to eat in here.
Mom: OK, as long as you can get it. (I'm lazy, what can I say?)
Tasha: I don't know what to have.
Mom: You can have some fish crackers. Wait, I mean chicken ones.
Tasha: (she's confused) Bunny?
Mom: Yeah, bunny. Bunny, chicken, fish. Whatever it takes.
(Then she questioned me)
Tasha: Bunny, chicken, fish?
(That's when we both started laughing and she kept repeating it the rest of the day.)


FizixMamma said...

sounds like some sort of kids game: bunny, chicken, fish.

Monique said...

Ember's new one is:

I need you to remember me, ok?

Which means, I need you to remind me. :)

If she doesn't say or do something right and her big brother corrects her, she busts out with...

I am still learning, right mom?