Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where Has All the Time Gone?!

I took Kyra and Cyrena to the movies today. I followed them in and they entered the row and went all the way to the end by the wall. Who wants to sit there I thought? I'm not gonna be trapped when some fat guy comes and parks it at the edge of this row with his big tub of popcorn and gigantic Coke. So, I sat on the end, where I'm comfortable. Then I looked over at them huddled together chatting and thought, "ya know, these girls are getting old enough that soon we will be able to drop them off at the theatre by themselves." Then I thought about young women's camp and how next year they will be going! WHAT?! NEXT YEAR?! Yep, next summer both of these girls will be turning 12 and can go to camp with the young women in our ward. AAAAHHH! My baby is growing up. Where did all the time go?


April said...

I know, it's frightening how quickly they grow up. It feels like I was just at Cyrena's birth and holding her teeny tiny body and rocking her like crazy because she was so fussy.

On another note, my niece Taylor has breasts. Like, real breasts. I'm in shock and I keep staring at them. I'm sure I look like such a creepy aunt. I'm just in disbelief. I think if I look away and look back again they will be gone. But, um nope. Still there, every time!

mamamuniz said...

I know what you mean about them growing up fast! Yeah, my Michael graduates from HS in May, and my Alexa has breasts, too!

April, just don't get as creepy as the grandma in "16 Candles" and Taylor should be fine! (I hope you are not too young for that reference!)

H said...

People, what's with all the breast talk?! If I get some lunatic on here because of you I'm going to sabatoge your private blog. Now, of course, I need a girls night to watch Sixteen Candles. And if April is too young for that reference, she better not admit it! That's a classic.