Saturday, March 28, 2009

Costco Pregnancy Shopping Spree #1

Cheesecake (someone mentions it one day, I buy it the next)
Hummus (someone feeds it to me one day, I buy it the next)
Lemon/Berry dessert (I need one tomorrow, I buy it today)
Cashews (yum, salt)
Dried Endamame (?! looked good, lots of protein, low on fat)
Lemon Bar mix (I'm hoping Kyra can make these)
Cereal (for the 4am wake up when nothing sounds good to eat)
Bread (for PB &J sandwiches)

1 comment:

FizixMamma said...

Your going to have another baby?! Happy, happy, happy! I had the morning sickness problem too, how well do you like cheese sticks? I lived on them and 99 cent McDonald's cheeseburgers. Although when I'm not pregnant those burgers are mediocer at best.