Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Much for Optimism

I was sure this time would be different. I had convinced myself that I had planned appropriately and that all the extra protein in my system was going to make all the difference in the world. I was sure that sickness, nausea, and the urge to hurl on an hourly basis was going to pass me by this time. I was optimistic. Embarrassingly optimistic.

Now. Not so much.

I've resigned to spending the next 7-8 months on the verge of running to the bathroom to expel any healthy or unhealthy nutrients that I have put into my body.

I've resigned to staying in my pajamas all morning long while I debate back and forth if I feel well enough to get a load of laundry done.

I've resigned to stocking up on granola bars and yogurt so Tasha has something she can make herself for breakfast in the morning.

I'll be lucky to get my make-up on and hair done before I have to go pick up Tasha from preschool. Each morning that I don't I will seriously consider paying for the bus to bring her back to our house after preschool.

I'll debate whether or not I want to make my bed since I want t to crawl into it several times each day.

I'll be pleading with my husband to do the dishes each night so I don't have to smell the remnants of leftover sauce, peanut butter, or rotting cheese the next morning.

I'll be letting Tasha watch a lot of TV in the afternoon while I curl up in a ball and huddle under the covers (at least for another few weeks while it is cold in my house) and sleep or read. I'll also be very grateful that, for some unknown reason, we've got many more cable channels than we pay for.

I'll have a fleeting desire to try to earn a living sending snarky emails to people and blogging random posts about the misery of pregnancy. But, since the few moments I feel well are spent trying to catch up on housework, cooking, and giving my kids a little attention, I won't figure out how to make any money being myself. (Hopefully that fortune from Tuesday night comes through and "A business venture will soon come my way.")

Instead of the above money making scheme, I'll contact the local high schools (and jr. highs?!) and schedule speaking engagements for the youth (girls in particular) to avoid sex at all costs because the resulting pregnancy is Misery, with a capital M. I'll go into all the complications, side effects, labor issues, and medical needs that accompany said pregnancy all through gritted teeth, while holding a barf bag and doubled over in pain. If this doesn't do the trick I might bring friends along to lecture on the ins and outs of fertility, pains of labor (since this aspect actually goes well for me), and the sleepless/cranky/teething nights that ensue in the first years of life. That should do the trick. I don't mind if there is a baby boom right now, I just want it to remain in the married, over 20 crowd.

After all this, I will hopefully be feeling well by 3ish and can complete my day as I normally would. That's been the norm thus far and I certainly appreciate my late afternoons. If I could only figure out what I've been doing wrong up until then.

Yes, I wanted this baby. Yes, it was planned. Yes, we are all thrilled. But now I really realize why it takes 4-5 years to psych myself into going through this again.


Marie said...

You let me know any time if you need me to go get Tasha from school okay?

Amanda said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! Okay, not excited for the throwing up part. But way exciting on the baby part. YES!

Monique said...

Aww, I am so excited you are going to have another. Not so excited about the 9 months of misery before the joyous bundle arrives.

Let me know if you need Tasha to come over and play with Ember.

Crystal said...

You did do everything right and you are continuing to do everything right. Everyones body processes pregnancy hormones differently. Some people just react more to the hormones. At least it took longer to hit you this time so that is a plus. I know it's hard but continue exercising and eating right and hopefully the nausea won't last the entire pregnancy. I'm here for you. If you need me to come do your dishes or clean a bathroom or two just let me know.

mamamuniz said...

Congratulations! I had no idea, Yipee!

Baker Fam said...

Gongrats! I can not believe you are going to brave it again. We need to get together you, I and the hubbies. We miss you guys. Did you get your taxes done? I have not heard from you yet. I will be in Tempe tomorrow if you have it ready I can pick it up.

H said...

Thanks everyone for the support, words of encouragement, and sympathy for the putrid feeling.

Lori, did you really just offer to do my taxes?! Um, yeah. But I've lost your phone number. Call me when you're on your way over this way.

April said...

I have no helpful tidbits, only empathy. Pregnancy sucks. I'd be happy to come over and distract you from your nausea by complaining about my youth. Sounds good, right? See, no more need to barf!

Or, if you're bored now, read this
Love, A

Tori said...

YEAH for you guys. That is fab news.

Rachel said...

Dude, that is like the best news EVER. What week are you?

On a side note, I read this article about how helpful marijuana is for helping women eat healthy and feel greeeat during pregnancy. Seriously though, I bet this is the real reason God created it. If your doc won't prescribe it and you wanna try it out, I know some people.... :)

proud parents said...

Oh wow, H! You'll forgive me if I say this exciting for me! Not that I relish your abject misery. I just think this is wonderful. I feel bad, though, that pregnancy is so hard for you. That's not fair at all!

Bridget said...

I am so sorry for the sickness you have I hope it goes away soon.