Friday, March 20, 2009

NTS: Reread "notes" Before Going Shopping

The original title of this post was going to be, "NTS: Don't Shop at Costco While Hungry", but then I realized that I already had a post with this title. Obviously these posts are not working. I guess I should reread them or make a list of them and post them somewhere. Something like a sign on my fridge that reminds me, "don't buy Cheerios".

The funny thing is, when I searched for my NTS posts, I came upon the one that warned me that grapes were not in season. Apparently I had bought grapes on several occassions and they were not good. The whole reason I went to Costco yesterday was to buy grapes! They are back in season. Thanks, Crystal, for informing me of this, you're a gem. Oh how I have missed grapes.

The thing is, I went for grapes and a pizza for dinner, and came home with over $100 worth of stuff. Granted, part of this was the $50 I had to pay for my membership renewal, but still. ($50?!!! Didn't it used to be like $30 or something?!) I was so starved for fresh produce that I also purchased apples, tomatoes, and blackberries. Chicken salad, yum. Samples of goat cheese, double yum. I did refrain from purchasing the rosemary crackers that they were serving the cheese on, but that is only because the box was $10 and I had filled up the cart pretty well already. Why does rosemary make everything taste so much better?! Monti's anyone?! I could eat their bread and a salad for dinner and be completely satisfied.

So, I guess I need to review my notes periodically so I don't repeat these mistakes anymore. Fortunately, I don't have an eight grader yet so I don't have to worry about her putting on eye make-up and looking like a whore. Life is good.


Jaylee Draney said...

You went to Costco just for grapes? Please give me a call next time and we'll collaborate so one of us won't waste time and gas to go JUST FOR GRAPES! I'll have you buy a few things for me, I'll buy a few things for you, etc.

April said...

Yeah, at least you don't have an eight grader! Are you kidding me? Your kid won't even talk to people she knows, you think you have to worry about her wearing make-up that makes her look like a whore. I'm gonna' go out on a limb and say that you will probably never have this problem.