Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Haircut is NOT Just a Haircut

Yes, I knew this already. I didn't need a lesson in great haircuts versus lame haircuts. But sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. I've been about 3 months overdue for a haircut and I just finally hit a breaking point. I mean really, growing my hair out is one thing, but all the split ends are another. Yuck.

My regular hair stylist (my niece) is home with her sick baby which means that the clients she cancelled yesterday (my mom included) will be trying to make up those appointments in the upcoming few days that she will be working. And let's face it, I'm not married to the Gilbert location, or the trendy price tag (even with a family rate). So, what do I do? I run down to Supercuts at 7:30 at night because my hair is actually straightened and I think I can show them how I style it and that they will be able to duplicate the cut.

Whatever! I knew when I was explaining it and she said, "so you have some long layers here" that things were not going to turn out correctly. Again, whatever! I just wanted a cut. My question is though, what the heck? What is so different about hair cutting school that says Supercut employees don't know how to cut the new styles?

So here I have a new trimmed doo. It's not nearly as stylish and trendy as it used to be, but hey, it probably fits my personality a little better now. Haha! Really, it's not all that different from before. I'm probably the only one that will notice a difference.


Bill said...

I thought it looked great!

Crissybug said... does make a difference. I tried to stop 'seeing' my pricey hairstylist, but after years of trying out new people...I gave in and went back to her. It costs me a lot more money, but she cuts my hair sooooo much better! I don't get it either. Don't they all get the same training???

Crystal said...

I got to Great Clips all of the time and here's what I've found. They do all get the same training but sometimes when you go to these cost effective places you will occassionally get a hair dresser that just doesn't care. They are over worked and they probably don't get as nice of tips as the hair dressers in the fancy salons. You just have to find somebody that is good at the cheaper places and then keep going back to that person. That's what I do. Sometimes I still just wind up with a jerky one but I figure I'll have to go back in 6 weeks anyway for another cut and hopefully when I do go back I'll get the person that I like.

Bill said...

I keep telling you all....the difference between a good haircut and a bad one? About a week...