Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break Silliness

Favorite breakfast item: apple with peanut butter.
Average breakfast time: 9:30.
Planned purchase: $5 on nail polish.
Greatest amount of money spent: $6.00 for Kyra and I to see Inkheart.
Best planned activity: riding Orbit and having lunch with my mom and kids at PF Changs.
Best unplanned activity: watching a 3 hour movie in about 4 hours and letting the kids fall asleep at a friend's house because of it. It was mostly nice because I got to be irresponsible and let my kids stay up late while I got to lust over Hugh Jackman with my friend.
Number of kids we've had over: 7.
Number of sleepovers: 2.
Number of books Kyra has read since Monday: 5.
Number of book reports she's written: 3. (no, they were not assigned)
Number of times I've thought about death and resomation: 0. (until now!)
Number of laughs I've had: too many to count!
Shouldn't spring "break" actually be that... a break? Aaah. Now it's time for my apple and peanut butter. (Although the girls will wait a couple hours for theirs.)


Crystal said...

HOw did you get her to read so many books during spring break? I'm jealous of the cute girly time you had painting your toe nails.

FizixMamma said...

What did she read? I'm always looking for another good book to read.