Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Somebody Has a Crush on My Husband

Bill had an assignment for a work related class he took this week. He was supposed to identify some sort of behavior to work on, specifically related to meeting people for the first time. He emailed a few friends and several co-workers. Blasted people didn't have a bad word to say about him, now he thinks he's perfect and we had to widen all the doorways in the house. Anyway, the responses he received came in all forms. Some were short and sweet. Some were mixed with sarcasm. Some were very thorough. The following one is a little too funny to not to share. Very creative, written in narrative form, and quite witty.

I met this guy, Bill, tonight at a party. I met others also, as there were 15 of us there, mostly strangers mingling, but tonight, journal, I'll tell you about this Bill.

I enjoy the company of genuine personalities and so I enjoyed talking with Bill. We spoke of family, he asked me I asked him. He cared to know. I liked that he seemed to actually care. He laughs when something is funny, smiles when not so much. He is pleasant. Fun. Likes to joke, but not to hurt. He cares too much to hurt, it seems. So you feel safe, comfortable. Meaning you can truly enjoy yourself in his company. I think he doesn't know how genuine he caring...calm. Just tries to be a true friend. Perhaps this is too much to glean from 15 minutes of initial conversation. Perhaps. But you can decide when he walks into your party. You will speak to him, and he will ask "how's your family," and he will look you in the eye, and he will wait, looking, waiting for the answer, because he really wants to know. He cares. I'd like to meet Bill again. Hang out.

That's who I met tonight.


Sara said...

Too cute!

Crystal said...

Just so everyone knows . . . I was not the author of that one. It sounds great though. Fabulous writing from whoever wrote that. Mine was much more simple like "You are funny. I like hanging out with you. The End." Well, maybe not that simple, but close.

H said...

Nope, it wasn't Crystal. In fact, it was a GUY. Stop trying to guess people, if I wanted you to know I would have told you!

Jaylee Draney said...

It reeks of someone I know very well.