Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Compliment Guys

Some friends of mine have a blog and there is always a list of things that they find "interesting". They are usually pretty deep and/or long (!) articles that I don't get all the way through or am not personally interested in. Remember, I like happy endings and don't like to dwell on on the negative. Optimistic to a fault baby, that's me!

Anyway, click here to get the full story of these 2 guys giving out free compliments to people at Purdue University. You can either read the article, or watch the video since it's mainly the same information. I absolutely LOVED this story! This is TOTALLY something I would do, who wants to join me?! When and where?!


Bill said...

Those guys are great! I liked to watch the people who were getting the complements and their reactions. It's the little things that make peoples' day! When these guys stop doing it, I wonder if others will step up and take their place. It reminds me of...."Hey Everybody, It's FRRIIIIDAY !!!!"

proud parents said...

Me! Me! Me! Let's do it, H!

Davey said...

Yeah, I liked those guys quite a bit. The looks on people's faces as the walked by were pretty fun, they couldn't figure out if they were on candid camera or what. You could tell they didn't know what to do. I liked when the one guy says, "you are looking VERY handsome today sir!"