Monday, March 2, 2009

Eggs with Bleu Cheese?

I wanted to cook some eggs this morning but was tired of the same old fried eggs. I'm not a big fan of the scrambled version but thought maybe I could spice them up a little. I LOVE LOVE LOVE bleu cheese (just became a fan this year) and considered adding it to the eggs. Does that sound weird? Eggs with bleu cheese? I thought it did so I passed since I realized I had bought some feta cheese on Saturday. Now, if I'm in love with bleu cheese, I adore feta cheese. I worship feta. I would kiss the feet of the feta God that brought me this wonderful cheese. Anyway, scrambled eggs, feta cheese, and a dash of Greek spices. What more could a girl ask for for breakfast? (A personal chef and dishwasher? Maybe, but I won't push my luck.)

Maybe I was thinking of Seuss this morning... Bleu eggs and ham?! Oh Sam I am. I will not try them on a bus, I will not try them with cousin Gus. I will not eat them with my dog, I'd really rather own a hog. I would not like them here or there, I would not like them anywhere. I do not like blue eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am. Happy Birthday Seuss!


Pam said...

I just had my breakfast and had a egg!! But not with blue cheese. I had a nice chuckle with your version of Dr.Seuss

Amanda said...

I totally thought of green eggs and ham when you wrote bleu cheese and eggs. Next year I will have to come up with a party to celebrate Dr. Suess' bday. I didn't even know when it was except for you mentioning it.

You don't have to guess the gender of my #2... I just haven't done a poll in a long time and only 2 people had voted (I was one of them...) after 4 days. I am due July 11 but suspect it will be born on July 25 by induction.

I am jealous you have tomatoes going already but then remember that they will die in about 2 more months, right? Next time you get a "I need to move" feeling you seriously should come to NM. I know, it isn't a new or exotic place for you but the weather here can't be beat! And then we could hang out more. That is the real important part.