Monday, March 8, 2010

Win a Toyota Prius

Our school, Desert Marigold, is holding a raffle to win a Toyota Prius. To this date, I have not solicited sales from any of my family or friends because I did not know when the deadline for this raffle would be, if ever. Now I know, so here you go...they are giving away this baby at the end of the school year so we'll know who wins it. Now's your chance. If you would like to give our family credit for the sale, that would be great. Just note Kyra's name on your paypal purchase. If you want me to pick up a ticket for you, I can do that too. Here's the spiel:

Tickets are only $20 to win a brand new Toyota Prius (color of your choice, tax & license included!). Tickets are available through the DMS website via PayPal or in the school office and are non-refundable. All of the proceeds raised from the raffle will go to help build our new Enchanted Garden School Store and Café, a Parent Council supported venture. Parent Council uses the majority of its funds to support our faculty in further training and development. There is no per person limit- the more you buy... the better your chances of winning!

Prius Tickets sold to date: 1175

Sales will be capped at 2,000


mamamuniz said...

I bought mine like a year or two ago! Hopefully with your call out here, there will be enough sales so I can win my Prius!

H said...

I know, Mama. That's why I wouldn't sell any...this thing has been going on for years waiting to sell the 2,000 tickets. They finally decided to just take what they could get and end the thing. I do wish you the best of luck!