Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Plug For Indoor Plumbing

What? You don't need to be convinced that indoor plumbing is a good thing? I do. I've been against it since I cleaned my first toilet. I believe that outhouses are a great idea and all toilets should have remained far away from the inside of my home. Of course, I have always lived in a moderate climate and would never have to run through zero degree weather to sit on an icy cold seat with my bare bum. That doesn't really sound like fun. So, I relent and agree that indoor plumbing is a good thing.

Bathtubs and showers and all their grime... Again, who needs it? Who wants it? Not me. I've always thought that shower curtains in the backyard would be nice. Biodegradable soap and shampoo, water the lawn, get some good vitamin D, a-na-ture-al... But yesterday I was convinced that indoor showers are really good for one thing: STEAM!!! The natural remedy for a stuffy nose. Sweet steam, how I love you. How great you are. How you have saved my sweet baby boy these past 2 days. Four showers in the past 48 hours keeps this little boy sleeping at night and cleans his nose in the morning. Without steam Payton would have a raw nose, gagging on snot and be overtired and cranky. Ah, sweet steam, I love you. Will you marry me?

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Ryan said...

Peppermint and Tea Tree oil in the steaming shower work wonders. My favorite for a stuffy nose.