Monday, March 15, 2010

My Boy...

Likes a good stroller ride. His littlest sister likes to take him on them. His mother will soon let her do this on her own.

Likes to be on his tummy. He'll flip over from his back to do this. His mother needs to remember this when she leaves him on the bed.

Likes to chat early in the morning. His mother likes this too. As long as it's not too early.

Likes to be outside. He has a farmer's tan to prove it. His mother has extra freckles to confirm it.

Adores his sisters. He lights up when seeing either of them.

Wants to dye all his clothes yellow. He's using an organic yellow dye and is currently concentrating his efforts on the areas around the opening of his diaper. His mother is not happy about this.

Has a super grip. Both his mother and youngest sister have lost some hair due to his grip.

Has a super bite. Everyone he knows is thankful that he doesn't have teeth. He likes to chew on his own fingers and thumb as well, but it doesn't look like he uses such force on his own hands.

Is four months old and weighs 19 pounds.

Wears 6-12 month old clothes. His oldest sister and mother decided that one piece outfits are not his style. They think he looks better in a onesie and jeans. He doesn't really care, he's a guy.

Has an "outy" belly button. His family thinks it is disgusting but continually push on it to poke it back in. His family also calls this particular body part a "peeko". They don't really know how to spell it because it's a Hawaiian word (it's probably "piko").

Has an extraordinarily long tongue.

Has stinky feet.

Has a birth mark over is right eye (it looks like eye shadow), and one between his eyebrows. They are more prevalent when he is crying or has been outside.

Keeps his mom going some days.

Is going to be a great man, if he is just half the man his father is.


Monique said...

I love stinky baby feet.

I do not like yellow organic die. Especially when it is on your child, his clothes, the car seat, and dripping onto the seat the car seat is attached to. Makes you glad for leather.

April said...

That belly button was de-sgusting! Ew!

Sara said...

He's caught up with Hannah, then. How do you get jeans over your 19 pound kid? I was all over one piece with Josh.