Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour, 2010

I wrote my post about Earth Hour last night and set the options to put in on my blog this morning so I could say, "tonight..." Well, I forgot. I had not been on the computer all day and it didn't even enter my mind. I plopped down in the living room, booted up the laptop, and had a great post in my head reflecting on the Young Women's broadcast that I had attended earlier this evening. The Google homepage came up and there it was, "Help the world. Turn off your lights tonight."

"Aaah!" I scream. I glance down to the little timestamp at the bottom of the screen. 8:30, exactly. Really? I look again. Yep, it's 8:30 on the nose. "Babe, turn off the TV and the lights. We'll play Canasta by candlelight."

And do you know what? He did it. I closed the laptop up before it could hit 8:31, Bill turned off the TV and started making the rounds on the lights (including the festive Ikea leds that have been burning since Christmas 2008), and I pulled out the candles. Kyra got irritated when she had to stop reading, so Bill decided a bit later to let her get out of bed and play cards with us.

Before Kyra came out Bill made several observations.
Bill: Really? Cards by candlelight? I can hardly read them as it is.
H: Sorry, babe.
Bill: If we had planned this better we could be doing something better...
H: (Since Kyra was still up and Payton had just fallen asleep on our bed) Well, we could make it Earth 2 hours and keep the lights out later.
Bill: You sure have your hopes up.
H: Maybe even Earth 3 hours then.
Bill: OK. We'll play cards for 2 hours and 45 minutes then.
H: Nice.
Bill: (after dealing the cards and adjusting the candle lights) Ya know, all we really need now are some mallows...

Happy Earth Hour everyone! What'd you do?


Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...

Where's the chocolate fondue???

proud parents said...

Love it!

April said...

How was you 15 minute countdown? Good, I suspect. Aren't mallows an aphrodisiac?