Sunday, March 21, 2010

NTS: Take Easter Pic. at Christmas

Walgreens has some stinkin' cute Easter cards and I didn't send out Christmas cards (again!) this year. Why not just skip the chaos of Christmas and wait for Easter to do it, right? It's seems like I've thought this before so maybe now that I've written myself a little note here, I'll do it. Christ's resurrection is just as good as time as His birth to say, "hey there, I miss you".

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Crissybug said...

Such a good idea...There are times at Christmas that I think...why in the world am I adding more to my plate!?? I have friends that send "love" notes in Feb in place of Christmas cards. I like the easter thing. The best thing about doing it at another time than Christmas is it will be such a nice surprise for the reciever. These days personal mail is a thing of the past.