Friday, March 5, 2010

"Totally Obsessed"

Julie declares this statement, "I'm totally obsessed", when referring to Julia Child and her new cooking venture. I'm a little obsessed myself, with a few things. One of them is this movie. The other one is cooking (more on this in a later post). The other is shameful, and will hopefully last only a day.

My media-free day backfired. I guess if you're not totally obsessed with television, computers, and the like then when you take a day off and focus on that, then you focus on just I missed television, and I don't even like television! All day long all I could think about was plugging in a Glee DVD or the Julie and Julia DVD that I've had sitting around from Netflicks for WAY too long. I had to check my email to coordinate a presidency meeting, and felt a gigantic pull to read some fan fiction that a friend sent me. And I don't even read fan fiction. So, there you have it, what you focus on, you want or get. If you focus on no media, then, what you really, really want is media.

So, here I sit. One day post-media free with my bowl of broccoli cheese soup, parked in front of the TV watching Julie and Julia and plugging away on the laptop. Ah sweet media, how I love you. I'll get over my obsession tomorrow, but for this baby-free moment, I'll absorb all of you that I can.

All you Glee fans will appreciate an appearance by Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester). She plays Julia Child's very tall sister. There is some good tall banter between the family and she is very un-Sue like in this film. There is also one of the most realistic fights between a husband and wife in this movie that I have ever seen. It could have come straight out of our house, only I probably would have been louder.

Here are some of my favorite lines...

"Pearls. The woman is wearing pearls in the kitchen." (Julie, on Julia)

"And let me say this, is there anything better than butter? can never have too much butter." (well, there's no arguing this one)

"Don't crowd the mushrooms." (this is actually good advice, I tried it)

"I've never had an egg egg. I was a very willful child." (anyone know one of those?)

"Ritual Cobb salad lunch. Dreading, dreading, dreading."... (then later)...
"What do you think it means when you don't like your friends?"
"Men like their friends."
"We're not talking about men."

"By the way, did you know that if you don't dry meat it won't brown properly?" (I haven't tried this one)

"It's hotter than a stiff cock." (JC while tossing a cooked cannelloni from hand to hand)

"Man up, just kill the damn thing." (see below)

"Lobster killer...lob-stah kill-ah!" (see above)

"Do you two know each other? You should." (And then they were friends. Don't you wish it was that easy?!)

"The bitch lied." (Julie about Julia on flipping a gross meat jello onto a plate.)

"I can't even truss...(crying)...I'm a mess" (While sitting on the kitchen floor after dropping the duck. I'll be using this line often, while a mess. Can't you just hear me exasperated, declaring, "I can't even truss!"? Yep, it will happen.)

"Just for once, could you not look on the bright side?" (How very non-optimistic, but sometimes you need to just wallow in your misery.)

"Say cheese, duckie." (JC, to the duck she's trussing.)

"This little thing of yours on the Internet. I don't want to end up on it." (Julie's boss, about her blog.)

"I am. A bitch. I am Sara. I'm a bitch." (self realization)
"I know you are...but who isn't?"
"Julia Child."

"You are...a terrible human being and very difficult to live with." (Julie, to her husband, because he doesn't like being called a saint.)

"No one here but us servantless American cooks." (yep, that's me)


Monique said...

I really liked this movie too! I thought about what could I do for a year and blog about it. LOL

April said...

We're all bitches. But those that have claimed it are the nice ones. You and I are cream of the crop bitches...even if we can't truss.