Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Random Conversations

April gave me a shirt for Payton because "every little boy needs a Hawiaan shirt". I put it in the van...

Tasha: Can I see the shirt so I can show it to Payton?
Me: Sure. (give her the shirt)
Tasha: It's so cute. Do you like it buddy? (showing it to Payton, then taking it back)
Tasha: Oh, it smells like Tyler's skin.

The dress code at DMS is that the children are not allowed to wear shirts with words on them, or logos, etc. Patterns are fine as long as they are all over and not just one big image. The exception to this is the shirts they get when they go on class trips and events. Today was one such day as Kyra wore her Medieval games shirts...

Bill: Do you see that shirt?
Me: Yeah.
Bill: He's killing that man.
Me: So.
Bill: He's stabbing him in the chest with a sword.
Me: I know.
Bill: They can't wear a shirt with a Nike swoosh on it, but they can wear a shirt depicting a man dying in the most grusome way possible?
Me: Yep.
Kyra: What?
Bill: It's just not right.
Kyra: My pentathalon shirt has a picture of a naked guy on it...

As we're loading up cars and getting ready to leave for a mutual activity...

YW #1: Bro F has the good music.
YW #2: Yeah, he does.
YW #1: All the girls in Bro F's car!
Bro F: Wow. This is completely the opposite of what it was like in high school.

I was in the kitchen and Tasha had strategically crammed her body in between an ottoman and the the wall. Her dad and sister are not very helpful. This is what I hear...

Tasha: Help.
Kyra: Dad, I think Tasha needs your help. She can't move.
Bill: What? Tasha is still?! Now, if we could just figure out something to keep her quiet.
Kyra: Duct tape.

This morning. Bill is taking breakfast orders and cooking. Kyra and I are eating. Tasha is searching the kitchen for something. Next thing I know Tasha is standing on the countertop in her saggy pajama bottoms and sweater from last night because she was too tired to change, reaching to the very top shelf of the cupboard for a Christmas glass because it was pretty.

Me: Why is Tasha standing on the counter?
Bill: Because she's a expert at overcoming limitations.

More on breakfast...

Tasha: Can I have french toast?
Bill: Yes.
Me: I didn't know we could have french toast.
Bill: I asked what you wanted.
Me: I didn't know it was on the menu.
(he made it as I was typing...)
Bill: Now, do we have powdered sugar?
Me: Yeah. Maybe. I think. Probably not.

But we did, so now I'm going to have some french toast. Have a good Saturday everyone!

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