Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's The Way I Like It

I'm going up to my mom's house in Forest Lakes tomorrow. We're supposed to leave in the morning.

I haven't packed and the clothes are still drying.

I have no idea where the snow gear is. I should have borrowed a sled and I want to take a few shovels but don't know where one would be.

None of this stresses me out. It's just life.

I COULD have stayed home all day doing all these preparations, but I didn't. There was more fun to be had elsewhere.

I COULD have spent my night doing these things, but I didn't. Again, there was more fun to be had doing other things.

I did get dinner made, a bit late...Bill ate when he was done home teaching.

I did try a new recipe for his Irish Pot Luck tomorrow. It's kind of tasty, for potatoes.

The dishes are done. Well, one is soaking.

BUT the kids are happy and I'm happy. Therefore, all is well.

I'm just not a "get it done" kind of person. I'm about people and they were more important to me today than a check list of things that needed doing. It will happen tomorrow and things will be a little frantic and some things might get missed. Our trip might not be as great as it could have been, but I wouldn't trade it for the good of today.

Live in the now...appreciate the small stuff...cease the moment...

That's the way I like it.


Moke, Mom and Dad - The Lightburne Family said...

...and you'll get there when you get there. Drive safe, and have a GREAT time!

proud parents said...

Cease? Oh come on, H!

H said...

Well done Jen! LOVE IT!!! I'm laughing pretty hard at my stupidity.

It was late...and phonetically, it does say "seize".