Sunday, February 14, 2010

"You can not control your feelings or emotions. You can control your behavior"
-Becky Sauer (counselor extraodinaire)


April said...

She is so wise, but my favorite saying right now is, "seperate islands." I ifnd myself muttering it around Ryan time and time again.

Davey said...

Don't give up on trying to change your emotions though. We were meant to be happy, not little balls of fury wrapped in a clean house and bruise free children.

I don't think we can control our emotions but we can choose them. When we adopt anger and frustration into our heats we do so for a reason - to consume us, to justify us. Our only hope is to find justification from another source, we will not win the fight against sorrow but we can be made right in the face of it. Jesus didn't come down from heaven to help us control our behavior, the Condescension of God was accomplished to change our very hearts.

April said...

"I don't think we can control our emotions but we can choose them."

Sorry Davey, but this comment is crap. We don't choose our emotions. They are involuntary or natural to us, individually. We can only contol what we do with them. I'm not saying that we can't purge ourselves of an emotion and try to change it to another to better understand the situation, but emotionas are instinctual. Perhaps you can train yourself in someway for some obscene amount of time not to be pissed when your kid dumps eggs all over the floor for the 10th time, but as for me..I fist think "Crap! What a little jerk," and then I follow it up with, "He must really want to eat some eggs." and then I laugh. But that's just me.