Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Jacket Just Ain't Cuttin' It"

I got an email from a friend that said I needed to send Tasha to school with a warm hat for her head. Apparently we need sun hats for the hot summer-like days, and now we need woolly, furry hats for these mock winter days. I'm not a hat person, can you tell? Anyway, apparently the teacher said that the hood on the jacket wouldn't stay on her head when she was playing. I can totally hear her saying, "the jacket just ain't cuttin' it." It made me chuckle, and we tried to oblige the next day. I told Tasha that she needed to start dressing warmer for school and that included a hat. Here's what she came up with:

This just makes me laugh. We don't have winter in Tempe. We have a little bit colder than it was in the fall which is still warm enough for shorts if you feel like it. Silly people, hats are for Minnesota. Oh well, I guess it's all good. If there's a snow storm Tasha will be ready.


Rachel said...

That outfit is awesome. I'll be laughing about it all day. I'm all about the hats and stuff too, but the only thing I worry about is a potential lack of vit d absorbtion. If we put on hats and long sleeve clothes and sun screen and yada yada, then how are they supposed to get any sunshine? I read you need about 20 minutes a day with 40% of your body exposed to get the necessary time for vit d to do its thing. I know Sophia and I often don't get that and like you said hello...we live in AZ!

Have I mentioned I wish I lived nearby you so I could just SAY stuff like this to you during playdates instead of type it on a cold computer??? XOXO

Crystal said...

She has good taste. She looks warm, cute, and very waldorfy. She will fit in. Yesterday I saw a pre-teen kid wearing polka dot pants, stripe socks (that didn't match the color of the pants) and then a paisley shirt. Awesome!