Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Jenny,

I hate you.

And your stupid sister-in-law.

I went to your blog, linked to one of the blogs you follow, and read this post.

Damn you. Now I'm all worked up and there's nobody home for me to rant at.

I'm such a bad Mormon. That post I read just confirms this fact. I won't be teaching my children all this nonsense about marrying early and starting their family right away. That's just garbage. Do I really think that they will have such little self-control that they will have sex before getting married just because they wait until they are mature enough to marry? I would certainly hope not. I have no problem if they truly meet their spouse at a young age and marry, but I agree with your mom that rushing to get married because you're afraid you'll have sex is just plain stupid. She's a wise woman, your mother. You can tell her so.

I hate your sister-in-law because I borrowed her book and it tells me that I can't actually blame you for my feelings. I need to take ownership for them or else you are in control of me. We all know how I feel about people controlling me now, don't we?

This book that I'm reading (Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline) is, in fact, the dumb book that you were supposed to read for a book club and didn't read. It's "therapy in a book" and it's "knocking my socks off" to quote 2 very brilliant women, that I hate.

And, FYI, when I say "shut up" to Bill, he responds with "I love you too." So, you can figure out what "I hate you" means and get back to me.

I really should have gone to bed with Payton. I'm really just waiting for Bill to bring me home one of a couple hundred chicken legs that he just bar-b-qued.



Rachel said...

Okay chica. I'm late on starting my online book club, but you know that MY BOOK that is knocking my socks off is "unconditional parenting" right? Now why in the world are you reading April's book before MINE!???

April said...

Because I'm bombier than you are Rachel. And because both my kids got the pox. Can you beat that?

Seriously, H, I hate you too. Sooo sweet! Glad you are "not" enjoying the book that you "hate" so much. Isn't Becky Baily an "idiot?" I just want to "slap" her silly.


H said...

Yep Rachel, I hate April more than I hate you so I'm reading her book first. Sorry. We're (Sara and I)starting the 7 week program at the end of that book the Monday after Easter so we can have well behaved mommies and children by summer! WooHoo.