Monday, February 8, 2010

Highchairs are for the Bathroom, right?

I love when friends are cleaning out their homes and giving away items that I need. Sometimes the items come a little sooner than I will need them and I lose them or forget about them. This was the case with the highchair that a friend offered me for Payton. He's a couple months old. He won't be eating for a while. It made me laugh when she offered it, but I'll need it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, a high chair is both too hard to lose and too big to forget about. It takes a lot of space and I see it daily. This particular high chair also reclines. I was looking at it thinking, "it's safe like a car seat, but it's elevated like a chair. What can I do with that?"

And there you have it. This is where Payton waits for me while I shower. And this is also where he gets set down as I dry off and get dressed. Aah, sweet high chair! I love you! I can shower when I want and if you are awake. Sweet, clean bliss. (It's the simple things folks. A shower, but not a shave this time.)

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Sara said...

Awesome! I'll get you that tray soon so that I can stop removing it from the top of the freezer every time I want to open it!