Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sex is Better Than Chocolate Cake

Are you allowed to utter those words in front of 3 teenage girls?

At a church function?

While discussing abstinence before marriage?

In front of one of their mothers?

Too late. I already did. And I was kind of giggling.

My bad.


Monique said...

So...this is what I have to look forward to... ;)

Carianne said...

I've been to that restaurant and have to admit that the cake is pretty good.

Rachel said...

You should have added that it gets even better after your husband gets snipped. And then given them the explanation for why. Don't you think? It probably would have stopped the giggling, no?

April said...

Giggling is good, so is honesty. Girls need it. good for you!

proud parents said...

In an effort to look up a (unrelated) blog for DH, he saw the recent titles of all the blogs I'm following. "SEX IS BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE? WHO AARREE THESE PEOPLE YOU FOLLOW?"
I told him, "Well, if you had continued to read the post, you would see that she told this to the Young Women."

He just shook his head. All the while, I'm thinking about those fireside chats he had as a scout growing up that he told me about. And the fond smirk on his face as he reminisced . . . mmm-hmmm . . .