Thursday, February 18, 2010

Then and Than

People, please! You know the difference between these two words. Use them correctly! There are way too many educated people out there switching them around. There is no excuse for this nonsense. Slow down, take your time, and sound it out. It's not rocket science. But, since rocket science takes a fair amount of time and effort and sometimes we are typing quickly and spewing our thoughts across the net, I will forgive you some of the time. One of those times, however, is NOT on your blogger profile. If I click on your name because you comment on some one's blog that I know and in your profile it says then for than... well, I think you're just plain stupid!

Rant is over. Thanks for "listening".


Amanda said...

I think I better double check my profile to see if I used than. Than if I did I would need to change it.

mamamuniz said...

I checked mine, too. You had me paranoid! There goes the teacher in you again. My pet pieve is there, their, they're.

Pam said...

LOL Ok I think I'm clear Thanks for the education, I will think better in the future

Sara said...

I don't even know how to get to my profile! Plus, I think it was written by April. So that absolves me. :-)

H said...

Mama-I know people on the blog are too stupid to figure out their, they're, and there. I gave up on that almost immediately.
Pam-you type like you speak so you're good.
Sara-I'd be worried if I were you. You have no idea what April put in there!

AND... the profile I read was nobody that I actually know and nobody I will ever meet. Sadly, I've stereotyped her into category of people that I would never want to be around. Plus, she probably lives in Utah. (ouch)

Crystal said...

does that include spelling conversation as "Converstaions" in your label for your post for Bill's cheap date with Tasha? Hee hee! I thought it was funny that right below that typo you had this post on spelling. It made me smile.