Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Mormon Mojo

Me: Go ahead, ask me.
Bill: What?
Me: Ask the question.
Bill: How was mutual?
Me: The youth rock!
Bill: What did you do?
Me: We read Alma Chapter 5...

Yep, the youth rock and all we did was read scriptures to work on a virtue value experience. And if you don't know Alma 5, it's long. Alma rambles and we were trying to decipher all his questions. Geez. As we wrote down several of the questions I was trying to make sure the girls wrote them in a way that they could understand and answer them.

Verse 14 "...Have ye received his image in your countenances?"

Allie: What's a countenance?
All the leaders: Umm, well... (looking to each other for guidance)
Evelyn: Sort of like the way you behave and how people see you.
Me: Kind of like your demeanor.
Evelyn: Yeah.
Allie: Your mojo?
(lots of laughter)
Me: Yeah, your mojo!
(Allie writes: Do you have His image in your mojo?)
Ashley: Don't write that!
Evelyn: Why not?! (She crosses off countenance on her own paper and writes in mojo.)


I think my mojo has been missing for a while, but I'm getting it back. I think my Mormon mojo is going to be the first to resurface. Hopefully the rest will follow suit...

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April said...

My mojo is authentic and smokin' hot!

I love Allie and I'm glad to hear Evelyn changed her paper to mojo. Awesome!