Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Observations of the Day

The college guy across the street got some new clothes today. His mommy bought them for him. I saw her going through the stash outside their house today while I was walking with Payton. I believe he also got some sort of cleaning device like a swiffer or something like that. I can't wait to do that to Payton. How fun.

Sometimes people will surprise me and they turn out not to be the people I thought they were. Today it was a good thing. I like pleasant surprises like that.

It takes me only 3 hours in February to get a sunburn. I also did a lot of walking walking/standing facing west because only the left side of my face/body is pink. Thank goodness Payton has Bill's skin and Tasha stayed in the shade.

Bill really isn't a culture guy. He turned on the Olympics for about 30 seconds, saw a guy spinning and said, "yeah, ice skating is still gay." He continued to channel surf, hit the games 2 more times and said, "yeah...no..." and changed the channel.

Another neighbor had Sonic today. He stood outside and ate it standing up off the hood of his truck. I was wondering why he did that. I'll sit in my car and finish a drink if I don't want to share with the kids, but this guy doesn't have kids. Why did he do that? And more importantly, why didn't he bring me a cherry limeade? I almost sauntered down there and asked him that.

Our family is blessed when Bill does his home teaching. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me that immediate blessing this evening. I needed it.

Morgan, on Criminal Minds, has the absolute most drop dead melt your heart I'll do anything for you cutest smile. Oh my heck.

If you don't take care of your housework, especially the garbage, you will get sick when it needs to be done. This will make you crazy, but you won't have the energy to do anything about it. I'm pretty sure that's why I stay sick longer- I don't want to face the mess.

When you're looking for a scripture and can't find it you should keep your eyes and mind open. You might just find something you weren't looking for. It's pretty awesome.

I have a bunch of green stuff sprouting in my garden. I think it's mostly weeds and clovers, but I'm pretty sure some of it looks like lettuce. Is that possible? I didn't plant it. On that same note, a full clover lawn looks pretty good. If you don't believe me, drive by our beautiful green clover patch. Just don't walk on it come summer time- ouch.

Bill and I have our own language of love. He says, "I love you". I reply with, "shut up". Then later, when I'm blogging and he's channel surfing, I ignore him and he makes fun of me. It's quite comical when I think about it. It is also pretty dang special if you ask me.

I have way too much reading to do and a husband to ignore. I better go...


mamamuniz said...

I love your random observations. Um, and no Olympics in our house either. Oh well!

Monique said...

The Olympics are on? Hmm...that is an observation...LOL...TV never comes on at our house. If it does at night, it is almost always a movie.

April said...

I love this post. It reeks of the Helena that I know and love. And I love that you ignore your husband and tell him to shut up. I am there with you. When Ryan talks to me while I'm watching my shows, he peeks into the room like a quiet mouse and asks, "Can I say something?" I pause, give him a stern look, and in my grumpy voice say, "WHAT?!" It works for us and we just tell each other how retahded we are.