Friday, July 11, 2008

Where to go?

When Bill graduates he has agreed to THINK about moving someplace. Where? Anyplace. There are a few guidelines that mostly have to do with the weather and sports. He doesn't want a frozen tundra like Minnesota and I don't want humidity like North Carolina. We've been to them both and know that without a doubt we would prefer the summers of Phoenix.

New Mexico was nice, but they don't have any major sports teams to follow. California is beautiful but too expensive. Funky places like Louisiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. are out just because they are a little too foreign without actually being foreign. Although we would love to be by his friend in Florida, it is too humid, flat, and old. Texas might be OK as long as we're not in San Antonio (no Spurs!) and we do some serious hat and boot shopping before we go. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are all good thoughts. Nevada is too much of a desert, Utah is too Republican, Montana is football-less. New York is hopeful as long as my aunt is living, but then there is no chance unless I shoot for upstate.

Chicago is probably my best bet. It is on the list mostly because Bill has an aunt and uncle there and, well, they have the Cubs and the Bears...need I say more? I would go because I think it really is my only hope to leave this inferno, but mostly because I think it would really make Bill happy. His father would be delighted to visit and it would bring his family closer together. Both of his sisters are within a days drive as well as cousin a few years older than Kyra.

Now that I am REALLY thinking about it, where do I want to go? Colorado. It's all about the weather and good health. Colorado Springs is supposed to be the healthiest city in the country. Bike and walking paths, skiing in the winter. My great-uncle Alvin and Tommy live there, as well as Tommy's kids and grandkids. I've been following the weather since I've gotten home and of course it is fabulous there. Anything would beat what we have now, but I thought the following uncharacteristic Phoenix weather compared to CO was funny: (notice the flip-flop in what the actual weather is and what it FEELS like, interesting)

Phoenix: 89 degrees, feels like 93, and 47% humidity
Colorado Springs: 94 degrees, feels like 87, and 7% humidity

So. Who has lived anywhere and can suggest a place to move?


Jaylee Draney said...

Well, I've personally never lived there myself, but have you tried Chandler? It's not too republican, and I hear it's a few degrees cooler in the summer.

My vote is CO NY or IL.

H said...

Alright, I guess I need to be specifc here...suggest somewhere outside of the Phoenix area!

Thanks for your vote Jaylee. Those are my top 3 as well.

Tori said...

My vote is for Utah!! Of course we live here. It is very Republican, but we have found our own little non-republican state of mind, even being surrounded on all sides by them. They are still nice, we just don't talk about politics. Besides the skiing is closer, and the snow is so much better.

H said...

Oh Tori! You and about 3 other people could convince me to move there...

Monique said...

How soon is the "move", in your mind at least? I personally would hate to see you go, especially since it is somewhere cooler without me. LOL

I would go CO, IL, then NY.

Amanda said...

I can't believe you automatically discriminate against some states just because they seem too "foreign" whatever that means. Are you just judging people? :) Basically you eliminate a bunch of possibly great states for nothing.

California is pretty awesome. But you are right about it being expensive. We seriously considered moving there but the money just wasn't enough. Otherwise it is an awesome place to live (wonderful weather, mountains, beach, nice people, enough liberals and treehuggers that would make you happy).

The humidity is tough - I would love to live back east for a bit. Anywhere in New England. Probably someplace like Boston.

Colorado would be a great place to live. If you have to leave the safe haven of Tempe, start there. Then work your way toward more adventure.

~The Pies~ said...

Spokane Washington is always nice....When will he graduate and what will his degree be in?