Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uncle Ray

My Uncle Ray and Aunt Darla are definitely the two people here that I know the best. I grew up visiting them almost once a year in some way or another. These past 2 nights my mom has spent a couple hours over in his room talking and reminiscing. Uncle Ray has the goods on every one and seems to have a real talent for telling stories. He got the nickname “grumps” instead of gramps as a grandpa and it fits him in a peculiar sort of way. In some aspects of life he may act like a grouchy old man, but when I see him he is mostly laughing and having a good time. I can’t figure out if he finds himself on equal ground with these uncles of his, or if he looks up to them in ways other than just physical height (he is older, but shorter). I guess I just know him as my mom’s little brother and picture him as the tag-a-long little kid at all the family gatherings. Or, maybe this is just my retribution because every time I’ve heard a story about me come out of his mouth it starts with, “I remember when little Hche…” (and his hand leans over to the ground placing me at about knee high). The last time my Aunt Darla and I were both at one of these reunions we spent most of the time in the kitchen so we could get my grandma out of it. I’ve always had a fun time with her. She has a jolly sort-of laugh, likes gossipy sort of talk, and usually knows what’s what with everyone. It seems like fun to me when you are digging up all the dirt on your own family. Is that wrong?!

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