Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 A day of Laziness

My mom got up early this morning and headed o the Albuquerque Temple for the first session. The girls and I took it easy, went to the pool, and took a nap. After Tasha and I got up we visited the Cram's at their first home in Albuquerque, NM. I figure they will be too busy moving in for a few days to post, so I have dibs on sharing pictures with their Tempe friends. When I talked with her, Amanda said they had just gotten to town about 30 minutes earlier but that she would love to have us come over. My mom questioned the visit, but I figured she was just really excited to share the space and have some guests. Tasha and I set out a while later, surprised them with a knock on the door (she thought we might be the utility guy), but were greeted with a smile. Amanda was practically giddy with delight as she gave us the tour of their empty, yet spacious home. The first is a pic outside the front archway, the second was taken from the same archway and is a view of their Penske (awaiting some help from the EQ), their quaint neighborhood, and beautiful mountains:

When we left the Cram's we went to see the Albuquerque Temple. I took several shots while we were there, but this is not one of them:

To get the above shot I actually had to drive across the street and off-road where many a (probably LDS tourist's) vehicle had driven before. Seriously, there is this little loop of tire tracks in the dirt lot directly across from the temple. You have to be in just close enough to avoid the telephone wires, but far enough to capture it all. There is no way to get the shot from the temple grounds as the front you see here is practically on the street. Another way those New Mexican's do things weird I guess. The grounds are beautiful with a lot of sitting areas, a fountain, and fabulous view of the area below.

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