Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Claire is a fat lady's name"

Tasha has this cute pair of pajamas that is a shirt and shorts. The shorts are short and make her little tooshie look oh so cute. All this morning she was running around in them and then jumping on me. At one point she was laying across my lap with her bum in my face, then on my lap, then in my face, then on my lap. You know how it goes with a hyper little 4 year old. Anyway, I squeezed her little bum cheeks and asked her, "where did you get your cute little booty?" (In this house we know that Kyra's brown eyes came from me, Tasha's hazel eyes are from her father) Without missing a beat, and obviously calculating the size of her parent's bottoms, Tasha replied with, "Jesus got it to me." Oh really?! I laughed, mostly at the grammatical error of the statement but then even harder when she followed it up with, "and Jesus got you your big fat booty." Nice. Sometimes I wish Tasha wasn't so sharp and so honest.

In the movie The Breakfast Club Judd Nelson uses the line on Molly Ringwald "Claire is a fat lady's name." Ringwald's character denies that she is fat, which she isn't, and Nelson's character comes back with, "you might not be fat now, but inside there is a fat lady just waiting to come out." (or something like that) He follows it with big bloating noises and gestures that I can picture vividly. So I'm wondering if the thought can work in reverse. Could Helena be a skinny lady's name? Is there a skinny lady just waiting to come out? (follow this with sucking noises and cheeks getting sucked so far into your mouth that you have a fish face)


April said...

That is too cute! Fat and skinny are neither here, nor there. Think of healthy, beautiful and dazlingly intelligent (or smat, you choose)!

Rachel said...

Helena, that made me laugh and I sure do love to laugh. I really have made more of an effort to bring humor into my life since your laughter as medicine post, btw. And I have a friend who just named her daughter Claire, I'm tempted to send her a link to this:) You are also like The Best Commenter ever. I mean what the heck, sometimes I am a thief and just read and enjoy without the interaction, but not you! You are dang good. Love ya and wish you were comin' to visit soon so I could give you lessons on lose, loose and loss. :). XO,Rachel

H said...

Thank you two! You make me laugh and cry at the same time :) I'm glad I don't annoy you with my google account had like 10 comment emails, divided fairly evenly between your 2 blogs.
The funny think about Rachel and Davey is their laugh. I'm not sure if it is a laugh or a snicker or a whisper chuckle or what :) Who started that? You both do it and it cracks me up. Sorry I'm so loud, I thought I would laugh you onto the street.
I guess Jesus got me a big laugh to go with my big butt. heehee

Monique said...

Kids are smart and sassy.

Your post made me laugh, and it is good to see that you can find the humor in any situation.

P.S. You are not FAT.

P.S.S. You are the only Helena I know, so you can be whatever you want to be because I will compare them all to you, and they won't stand up!