Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm not a list person, BUT...

...when you pray for a miracle, sanity, no fighting, and a clean house and the only impression you get is to make a list, you do it. I don't like to make lists but I did. Then I decided to make a very specific list for Kyra. Then Tasha wanted a list. It worked! I won't go into all the details, but I have to say that was actually angry that it worked so well. Angry that I didn't think of it myself, and angry that I really have to go into so much detail.

I would have asked Kyra to take care of all the videos in the house, but here is what the list said:

+ put up the videos on the counter (from vacation)

+ put up the videos in the DVD case (from vacation)

+ put up the video that is in the DVD player (from vacation)

+ put up the videos by the TV

+ put up the videos in the DVD and VCR in the livingroom

+ put up the videos in the DVD and VCR in the bedroom

(you would think that would cover it all, but I forgot something...)

+ put up the DVD folders (that hold all the videos)

(yes, Kyra actually left the folders on the bench instead of putting them up)

I had already asked Tasha to clean up the livingroom floor, twice. When she saw Kyra crossing things off she asked for a list. I was obnoxious, said "FINE" (you know the tone I used), and sat down with a pad of paper and looked at the livingroom floor. I wrote:

+ put up the markers

+ put up the doll

+ put up the book

+ put up the skunk

+ put up the crown

+ put up the beads

+ put up the barbies

+ put up the massager

+ put up the necklace

+ put up the recorder

+ put up the recycle

+ put up the watch

+ hang up the pictures

(Tasha gratefully took the list, got a pen, and started to work. She can't read it, so she kindly asked Kyra or I what was next and continued until it was all done. Miracle!)

I know I read a list blog somewhere that made me laugh. I just don't get it, but maybe I'll do it more often...

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