Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The final Keith reunion post

I finally got around to posting the thoughts that I had on all of my uncles. It is mostly for my mom and Bill, but my friends might get a laugh out of some of my thoughts. I think I got a few good pictures that my mom will enjoy. I'm also sure that she will laugh at the ideas that I have about these old guys. Remember, she grew up with them and is older that most, if not all of them. One morning they all sat around a table laughing in her direction. She could have been angry or offended, but she knew better...undoubtedly they were saying what a great gal she was.

Kyra sure does remind me of myself at these reunions. I remember just sort of hanging around, watching the happenings, and tagging along with some of the other kids. They always seem to have brothers or sisters with them to play with, or cousins that they know fairly well. Kyra didn’t want to come back to the hotel with us, but preferred to just watch some cousins playing some funky golf/horseshoe game. Tasha was fairly bored and quite a nuisance until the early evening when Jim Keith’s daughter showed up with her 2 daughters. Once we sat them down next to each other for dinner they were inseparable. Obviously if your choice is to sit at the dinner table with your parents, or sneak off together to play with Scooby-Doo animals, you are going to choose the later! Jim’s daughter Kathy really knows all the family and is a great person to talk to. She’s exactly 1 year older than me (minus a couple of weeks), and has the 2 girls (Ann is 4, and Lara is 1). Kathy was one of the kids that I followed around when I was early in my teenage years. We went to a rodeo one year and we think she drove, even though she would not have been 16 yet…I’m telling you, you get to break all kinds of rules out here. YEE-HAW!

I love you mom and our crazy yee-haw family!


Rachel said...

I quite enjoyed your little family history memoir here. I love having quirkiness in my family too :). I also love your new layout! Where is your "Note to self" spot though?

H said...

I reduced "note to self" to NTS. If you search that on the blog you should find it. Or just go here:

Why? Do you think you can beat Bill's record?