Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uncle Tommy

Uncle Tommy is a family man. His first wife had a few kids before they were married and he pretty much adopted them after they were divorced. Now he’s got a lady (Loys) that keeps him busy playing the guitar, laughing, and enjoying life. He had a house built in Colorado Springs that is nice and big so that all his family can come visit him. I don’t think I ever saw him today when he didn’t have a smile on his face. My mom also pointed out that he has the most extended family here today, partially due to the number of people on his side. One of his kids has 2 sets of twins, another one set, and there is another set of twins due soon! (Yikes, am I glad he had a different mother than my grandmother!) I talked to several of his descendants about Colorado Springs (where most of them live) and have decided to move there. I’m working on convincing Bill of my plan and have changed my homepage to display the weather there. I know Denver has to have a better football team than us, and hope the Rockies do well this baseball season.
4 sets of twins. Uncle Melvin and Alvin are on the right, the other six are Uncle Tommy's grandkids. Woosh-ta!

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