Thursday, July 9, 2009

"What'd ya do today?"

This is the question Bill asked as I sat down after I got home from the temple this evening. It sounds like an innocent question in writing, but his actual tone of voice was not so much inquisitive, but accusatory. What do I mean by this? Here's the rest of the conversation:

Me: I slept in, got dressed, went to the chiropractor. I checked and responded to some emails, checked in on Flo, then called Evelyn to report in. I finally got in the shower and made it to the temple around 5 or 6, now I'm home.
(short pause as I look at him and his stupid little smirk)
Me: Why?

Bill: Well, I was just wondering what you DID do.
Me: Uh, huh. What are you insinuating?
Bill: Well...
  • You didn't do the laundry.
  • You didn't unpack.
  • You didn't make the bed.
  • You didn't do the dishes.
  • You didn't pick up the counter.
  • You didn't touch the mail.
  • You didn't vacuum the floors.
  • You didn't make dinner.

Me: I wasn't even home for dinner!

It's important to note here that my kids are at my mom's house for the day and night. I just drove into town yesterday, have one day to myself, and have to drive up and back tomorrow to get them. Yes, I should have taken full advantage of this day without children and gotten a lot done, but I didn't. I relaxed. I turned on the radio. (Not the TV, the other thing that has Bill baffled.) I had a very loose timeline of places I had to be and I didn't stress out. I think my neck/back/trap muscle are all doing better because of all this. I took care of myself today.

But what else did I do?

I peed my pants laughing with Bill as he was saying all those things that I didn't do. It was freakin' hilarious and now I really do have to do the laundry. That's twice now, in one week, that I've had to get up and leave the room because he has me laughing so hard that I can't stop unless I'm out of his presence. I know, I know, we're a bunch of freaks over here, but we know how to have a good time. And, if laughter really IS the best medicine, Bill should be feeling better by morning and my aches will have disappeared as well. Here's hopin'!


Marie said...

I so understand the resting of those darn trap muscles. I need to do that myself my shoulder is killing me right now.

proud parents said...

I say your version of the day is just as it should be! Bill, cut your prego wife some slack!

Monique said...

Shaun knows better than to ask anything like that. LOL (At least at this point.)

Isn't it the greatest feeling to laugh hard together? It always makes me smile and remember how much I really love him.

Pam said...

LOL I had that some what of a conversation with David last night as he was going to shower and he had no clean underware....what did you do today??? Ha I laughed and said I was not home all day to do the wash and everything else that needs attention....he had to put back on his pink underware that he just took off! But today he has clean ones to put on!! ah....(he has pink underware not by choice but by HIS mistake of putting a red cloth in my white pile of clothes!!)

April said...

Sometimes I get this question when I'm pregnant and Ryan is merely trying to have a conversation. I get really snippy and reply, "I've been making a baby all day! What have YOU been doing?!" Seriously, being pregnant is hard work and there's nothing more important than cooking that baby. It's your number one priority right now.