Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catching up on blogs

In May I had computer issues.
In June I was teaching all day and recooping the other half of the day.
So far July was a bit busy with a couple of short trips.
I'm not making excuses here, but I have not been very good about reading blogs, so I'm playing catch up. If you aren't on my blogline then the chances are even slimmer that I've remembered you. My bad. There is some really great stuff out there and your lives are so fun to read about. Some of you have made some cute changes on your pages and some of you have posted A TON!
Scott, are you kidding me? 18 posts since I've read your blog? Geez, it's not election time, what's going on? I'll get to them next. You've been neglected and I'm sure there are some really good thoughts there. I will tell you now, however, that I'm skipping any economic posts.

Here's something that I did want to share with everyone: Matt posted this link to an article on laughter in marriage. It was AWESOME and sums up my every belief on why Bill and I are still happy, after 17 years. We know when to joke around and have our own little jokes and sayings. Ironically, one of them has to do with the hiccups, just like the author of this article. Is there something inherently funny about hiccups?! I think I might have to write my own post on the hysterics of marriage. Hey, if this guy can get away with it, I can too, right?


tempe turley said...


Thanks so much for catching up on your comments, it was awesome to see this endless stream of "H" in my gmail account...

By the way, yes, I posted 18 times, but yes it was also since May 1, so that's 18 posts in two and a half months... Not too many, right :-)...

And some of them were really short... Anyway, glad to see your back. I hope you enjoyed your time away.

H said...

Scott, Glad to know the endless stream of "H" was awesome and not annoying! No, my time away was not enjoyable, just part of life I suppose. And no again, not too many posts on your part. There was some really good stuff in there. I look forward to staying a little more current these days as I stay tucked away in my AC for the remainder of the summer.