Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They Can Be Taught

Three weeks ago we started a sewing project in Young Women. Each girl came up with their own saying, drew it on the muslin, and stitched it on with embroidery thread. Then we did a little quilting around the edges and sewed it onto a back so it can be stuffed into a pillow. Last week, when we still weren't done they were asking to complete it this week because, as one girl said, "I don't need ANOTHER unfinished project at my house!" That was awesome, and so typical for me. So here are the 4 completely ones. Mine didn't get finished (I was busy helping) and one of the girls that missed last week is still working on hers...The best part of this whole project was the 3 nights of sewing and chatting that we were able to do. One of the youth said something like, "I feel like my grandma when she sits around with all the old ladies quilting." WooHoo! I told them it was "pea shellin' time"... the time when women used to sit around shelling peas together, talking and working at the same time. Now our peas come frozen and ready to eat so we have to come up with other ways to connect with our sisters. They got a kick out of the frozen pea issue.

The other thing that was funny tonight stemmed from our discussion last week. They talked about wanting to cook and make some donuts this week. We decided to finish these pillows, but one of the girls called me today to see if we were making donuts. We weren't but I've been thinking about donuts since she called. Of course, I picked up a dozen on my way to mutual. Here's the conversation that ensued:

Me: You can all thank Amber for the donuts.
Amanda: Why?
Me: Because she called me this afternoon to ask if we were making them today.
Amanda: I don't get it.
Me: Well, she asked about donuts and then that was all I could think about.
All the girls: Oooh! (laughing)
Me: I'm pregnant, you know, that's not nice.
Allie: I get it. So all we have to do is call you on Wednesday and say "hey is tonight the night we're making brownies or pizza or cookies" and you'll end up bringing them.
(more laughing)

Ah, yes. Those girls are such a riot. It's amazing how quickly they can learn when it involves food.


Sara said...

Love the pillows and your suggestability!

Bridget said...

I love the stitching that was a great idea! I love it when young girls learn a new craft!