Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet and Sour


We had a terrible day yesterday. We had to wait 2 hours for them to change Tasha's dressing and the whole time Tasha was on edge. Then it was discovered that her IV had come out and she needed a new one. This isn't a big deal, but by this point it was to her. It took 3 nurses and a bunch of screaming for them to get the thing in before administering a sedative and cleaning her wound. I've never felt so helpless and sad.


We finally got to talk with the PA about Tasha's healing. The initial wounds are healing well and it doesn't look like skin grafts will be necessary. The ones that took a while to surface are slow going and it is taking a while for the dead skin to come off. We'll be in the hospital until Monday, at least.

A friend brought me a book I'd been thinking about since this whole thing started, but it came during the above traumatic incident.

A long discussion with the nurse about medications, what I wanted to see happen in the next few days, and how we should proceed.


Chocolate Chip cookies and watermelon. Thanks!
Homemade dinner with real food, not from a processed factory or cafeteria. Thanks!
Giant coloring book that has some pages now adorning Tasha's room walls. Thanks!
A blessing. Thanks.
Bill getting to the hospital early in order to hear everything the PA said and asking some great questions I couldn't.
An apparently uneventful wound cleansing last night. Hoo-rah.
Cane Sugar Cream Soda, on sale at Fry's. Yum. Tastes like cotton candy.


Crystal said...

Thank you so much for updating us. I have been trying not to worry about you so to get my mind off of Tasha and you I've been cleaning my house like crazy. It's shiny but eventually I'll run out of things to clean and then I'll have to figure out something else to do to keep me distracted. Maybe I need to read a good book too.

tempe turley said...


So glad a skin graft won't be necessary... We keep praying for Tasha...


Monique said...

Sorry to hear the sour. But love to hear the sweet. I am glad that it looks like a graft won't be necessary. She will definitely have stories to tell when she is older...and the version will be a lot different then you remember it.

Hang in there.

My kids have letters for Tasha, so I will try to drop them off sometime in the next day or so. ;)

April said...

I'm surprised how well Tasha is handling all of this. I can't imagine Justin sitting still and not complaining every single day about being stuck in bed or in the hospital. You are both troopers. I'm glad you were able to get some real food. If I weren't sick, I would make you dinner. Does that make you feel better? I thought about it, but since I haven't made my own family dinner this week, I don't think Ryan would be too happy if I made a casserole for your family. It's the thought that counts right? Did you get J's bag o' goodies for Tash?

H said...

Thanks for all your words of support. We got the letters from the Davis's but not the Sauer's. And yes, it is always the thought that counts! They haven't mentioned skin grafts since day one of admittance. What a relief!

April said...

Huh, I dropped off Jutsin's gift bag of goodness on your doorstep on Thursday. Don't tell me, some hobo is walking around Clark reading Belle and the Beast, right? Or, perhaps you do have it and bill put it in some "special" place in the house when he got home.

H said...

FOUND IT! I didn't know it was the party bag sitting on the cluttered table. Tasha was thrilled to get it and knew right away that Tyler had drawn her a picture as well because, "Justin can draw better than that!" The stories were great since I came right at bedtime and this was the first night we had to tackle it without drugs. That's a good thing, no drugs, but sedation sure makes drifting off into dreamland a little bit easier on mom. So, Beauty and the Beast is safe in County hospital and not being enjoyed by a hobo somewhere in Tempe. Their loss.