Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kyra, a girl of few words

Me: Kyra, I'm tired. (as I lay on my bed in my pj's getting ready to go to the hospital)
Kyra: Yeah.
Me: I'm wearing my pj's to the hospital.
Kyra: OK.
Me: That's weird huh?
Kyra: Maybe.
Me: I don't care, I'm tired and I don't want to change.
Kyra: I think people will just think you're wearing shorts and shirt.
Me: Thanks.
Kyra: You're welcome.
Me: If your dad gives me a hard time about it I'm telling him you said it was OK.
Kyra: OK. (smiles and walks away)

Thanks kiddo! I love you!


Sara said...

I don't think anyone at the County Hospital is going to bat an eye at you in your pj's. ;-) Hope you all get to come home tomorrow!

Crystal said...

People will only notice if they aren't watching out for Sheriff Joe's buddies and their inmates. Did I tell you that I saw one when I was parking my car and he was coming out of the back of the Sheriff's paddy wagon on the other end of the parking lot with the striped black and white suit with hand cuffs on? It was almost surreal. If people notice you in pajamas then they are just being ridiculous. I think it was smart to conserve time and energy and arrive ready to help Tasha without worrying about getting ready for bed. Good thinking! I just love Kyra, she takes after her dad, full of wisdom and doesn't need to say a lot about stuff. That's a fabulous trait!

H said...

Thanks for the pj support ladies! And yes, I have seen a few inmates walking the halls. I didn't know that Joe dyed their socks pink too. Ya learn something new everyday.

Monique said...

Who cares? You are comfy and ready for bed. :)

I hope you got the notes in the mailbox.

Take care and hope Tasha can come home soon.