Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babe!

I looked back to see what I had posted about Bill last year on his birthday. Turns out, I didn't. Good enough, that takes the pressure off, right? Well maybe, except that I used that little trick where I labeled my posts and I've made 13 birthday posts, for other people. That seems a little wrong so now I'm searching for ideas. I told Bill, over the computer that I've been ignoring him on for the last hour, that I didn't know what to write. First he said, "Happy Birthday" is enough. Then he said, "or you could write 45 ways that I rock your world." I'm choosing the latter, but I'm not sure this is what he meant by it.

45 Ways that Bill ROCKS my world

  1. He leaves his socks wherever he takes them off

  2. His shoes are big and I trip over them ALL the time

  3. He kisses the dog, on the mouth

  4. Soda. Need I say more?

  5. Receipts scattered throughout the house

  6. He really likes William Shatner and the show Boston Legal

  7. Trash on the counter, 2 feet from the garbage

  8. Recycling in the trash can

  9. Trash in the recycling can

  10. Overflowing trash can

  11. Overflowing recycling can

  12. He likes beef, a lot!

  13. Cold ravioli, straight from the can. EEEWW!

  14. Cantaloupe. Yick.

  15. He named his pancake griddle "Betty" (that's kind of cute, but...)

  16. He thinks Betty lives propped up behind the stove top instead on in the drawer.

  17. He listens to country music more than anything else now.

  18. He's got me listening to country music more than anything else now.

  19. Pillows on the floor, EVERY night

  20. Clothes by the side of his bed, EVERY night

  21. He paces when he talks on the phone

  22. Rocky

  23. Rocky II

  24. Rocky III

  25. Rocky IV

  26. Rocky V

  27. Rocky Balboa

  28. Rambo

  29. Rambo II

  30. Rambo III

  31. (How many Rambo's were there?)

  32. Groundhog Day

  33. Pretty Woman

  34. He leaves the TV on when he goes to bed

  35. The TV is inevitably on a sportscast of some sort

  36. Popsicle sticks strategically placed, NOT in the garbage

  37. He steals the fan from the living room when he goes to bed

  38. He taught and encourages the girls to burp, fart and make bodily noises of all kinds

  39. "Zoe,zoe,zoe,zoe,zoe,zoe, ZOEOEOEOEOE-EEEY!"

  40. Football watching

  41. Yelling at football playing

  42. Basketball watching

  43. Yelling at basketball playing

  44. Baseball watching (on TV)

  45. Yelling at baseball playing...

So why would I list all these things that make me crazy about Bill, on his birthday?

"Because, after a month of cataloging all his faults, I realized that none of it matters... and he sure can kiss" (name the movie!)

And let's face it, none of these are really faults. They are just the little things in life that make Bill who he is: the man I love, cherish, and adore. Happy Birthday, Babe!


proud parents said...

My best friend's wedding.

Bill is awesome. Sometimes. ;)

mamamuniz said...

Aww...very sweet! Happy Birthday Bill!

Rachel said...

Why oh why are we not next door neighbors? I love your posts, I love your family, I love YOU!

Monique said...

I do recall you saying Kaysen could be born on your birthday...