Monday, June 30, 2008

(Still Monday) Lunch at the Quesadilla Grill

We searched for a while to find a place for lunch that would be both kid friendly in atmosphere and on Tasha’s somewhat upset stomach. We needed to lay off the beans, which sent her to the bathroom at least 5 times the night before, supplement the ice cream, and lend itself to her fairly picky pallet. Why is it that the youngest traveler gets to make most of the decisions?! Tucked away in the Poco Apoco Patio on San Felipe and Church Street we found an outdoor patio that was open to the many other shops in the area. We placed our order with the nice looking new owner of the restaurant. (My mom is the one that pointed out that he was eye candy!) He was very apologetic as he went back and forth getting things and forgetting other things since this was he very first day open. He actually put up the closed sign while we were there because he was getting so backed up (there was just him and one other man at the grill). There was a fry bar which means he brings you a cone of French fries and you go put all the toppings on it that you want. Tasha had a plan cheese quesadilla, Kyra the pizza-dilla, and my mom and I shared the veggie-dilla. Actually, they had some other funky names for them but you get the picture better this way. The most amazing thing was the tortillas they were served on. We’re going to buy some tomorrow before we leave town! (They are a New Mexico brand and can be purchased at any grocery store in the state apparently.)

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