Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008 Downtown Albuquerque

We set off today for a fun filled day in Downtown Albuquerque where all the good shopping is (girls love to shop!) and most of the kid museums. As we pulled into the museum I noticed 3 school buses parked across the street at the park. I wisely inquired before we went in if they were expecting any groups today, which they were, so we went shopping until 2pm when they were expected to leave. To pacify Tasha (who really wanted into the museum), our first mission was to obtain some ice cream. Then we found some anklets for the girls, purchased from an Indian whose mother made them. I don’t think you are supposed to say Native American out here, it sounds different and I don’t know why. Tasha got a t-shirt, both girls got some earrings and sunglass chains, Kyra got a bookmark and hair thing, and we bought some NM cards, a dice game, and some magnetic rocks. I’m not positive, but I think Tasha takes advantage of shopping mode and asks for EVERYTHING! It got quite annoying and I put an end to it. The problem is, I really love to window shop and kids don’t like to shop unless they get to buy it. Kyra is pretty good at browsing and hinting, plus I think she remembers 2 days ago when I told them they could only ask for 3 things a day. (I didn’t say I would buy the 3 things, but they could ask for 3 things…this encourages thoughtful asking)

Earrings, sunglass chains, butterfly in the hair, and anklets… (sorry, I'll upload pictures later)

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