Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacationing with Mom

The girls and I set out for a family reunion trip with my mom on Thursday, June 26th. About 2 days before we left Bill realized how long we were going to be gone and decided that he was going to miss us. I guess a full week sounds like a long time when we say we will be staying in 3 different hotels in 3 different cities. He realized he could have a guy’s weekend, but really I know that just means that he will sit around all day in his underwear watching sports, eating cheese crisps, and leaving his dishes throughout the house until the day before I come home. Knowing him, he won’t call anyone to come over even though he told me he was having a party. But maybe I should be worried since I wasn’t able to reach him the 2 times I tried to call him Thursday and Friday night.

Anyway, it was Bill that told me to take the laptop and send out a play-by-play of the trip. I laughed and told him I was headed to New Mexico, Hicksville, home state to more podunk towns than I care to think of. I told him they aren’t going to have internet service, much less Wi-Fi! I was right. I’m typing all my antidotes in a Word Document and will hopefully get a chance to post them before I come home. Our first hotel had cell phone service but no internet. (I think the leather skinned smokers sitting outside the office would have thought a laptop was in reference to some type of domestic animal) Now, at our second hotel, we have no cell phone service, but the computer does detect the Yucca Network, it’s just not wireless. Maybe by Sunday we will find some sort of civilized city (Albuquerque) that can accommodate all of our needs, including a swimming pool for the kids. Until then I’ll try to keep a running record of hysterics, insanity, and hill-billy antics of all my relatives. I’ll try to keep the entries more like me and less like a running record, but no promises.

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