Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NTS: Don't let Bill start the laundry

Here's what Bill crammed in the washer:

8 of his TShirts
2 of his Polo shirts
2 of my shirts
2 pairs of his dress pants
1 pair of his jeans
1 pair of my capris
2 skirts (one of mine, one of Kyra's)
2 of Tasha's skorts
1 pair of Kyra's shorts
1 pair of Tasha's leggings
3 of Kyra's shirts
3 of Tasha's shirts
1 of Tasha's nightgowns
2 of Tasha's dresses
1 of Kyra's church dresses

(Now start singing to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas, final verse-the 5 is nice and lo-0-0ng)

5 pairs of shorts

4 underwear

3 black socks

2 off-white bras

and a red and whi-ite checkered dish towel



btg said...

First of all, there was no cramming! Next, it is important to keep in mind a couple of things. Our washer is a front load washer, not a top load with the agitator. When I purchased the washer (and I was the one that went down and picked it out) the sales person who helped me assured me that if you can get the clothes in and shut the door, you were NOT overloading it. (No, I do not always trust the sales person, but this one I did). We separate our clothes as we put them into the hamper. One hamper for whites, one hamper for colors. "Start the laundry" clearly meant grab one of the hampers (I chose colors, the fullest one), load them into the washer, add soap and softener, and start the cycle. All of our clothes are washed in cold water (to save on energy costs), so there was no adjustment to be made on the settings. The thought of whether or not they all would fit on the line did cross my mind, but I figured we would cross that path when we got there (yes, that path was not going to be mine to cross). I do believe that I acted in good faith, and did “start the laundry!”

Monique said...

At least you have one that will start the laundry...more than I can say for this house! :)

April said...

Don't sweat it Bill. I always overload the washer. It's always out of line when I do towels. It gets thrown off and then I have to smack the knob to get it to work again. Woops. I just don't want to be doing laundry all day.

Cute song H!

H said...

I think we're missing the point here...blacks, whites, delicates, and jeans all in the same wash?!

And babe, we only separate the whites out so we can wash the wears when we are out.

Rachel said...

Helena, that is hilarious. And his "good faith" attempt was even more hilarious.