Monday, June 30, 2008

(Still Monday) Explora! Children's Museum and Science Center

Amazing, fabulous, fun-filled, thought provoking, exciting, crafty, messy…I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe this great afternoon. The 3 hours we spent there (right up until closing time) were not enough, and the kids were both asking if we could come back tomorrow. You KNOW it’s good if the kids want to come back before they have even exited the building. Even the outside of the building offered an opportunity for wonder and inquisition. As we walked up to the building Tasha asked if we were going on a boat because the windows looked like portholes:
Bubbles, need I say more?!

Notice Tasha has left me hanging here while Kyra and these kids took over? I really could have spent a while playing here by myself! It was enlightening to watch these 3 kids (one of my own) working together and utilizing each others ideas, especially since they were varying ages and had never met before. Building a dam.

Junk art crafts (I took a ton of pictures for my art class next summer, but I’ll spare you):

Kyra was also able to do some kind of spirograph drawing with my mom while I sat with Tasha in the craft room. My mom said it was pretty cool and they could have spent a while there if it wasn’t closing time. There were several places to test your engineering abilities, most of which I failed miserably. The problems with some of the centers were that there were no instructions for a non-scientific mind like mine. I was able to help Tasha concoct a working windmill, but only by following the example of someone else’s work. Seriously, I was the kid that took the field trip here and had a great time but didn’t learn a dang thing. Give me a book and I learned sentence structure, paragraph writing and proper use of quotation marks, but unless science included formulas I was lost.

It was a long day, and the kids went to bed easily after a carpet picnic of pizza a chocolate. Tasha finally decided to give her grandmother some room to sleep.

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