Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008 Out of Town

Tasha has been obsessed with asking when we are going “out of town”. She doesn’t even know what it really means, but she knows we won’t be at home. We left town this morning around 9am and made it as far as Payson before we had to stop for a break at “Old McDonald’s”. It was a quick stop where Tasha raced up the stairs and down the slide several times while I counted. It takes about 10 seconds, although once she whittled it down to 9 seconds. My mom had to stop at her place in Forest Lakes to leave some Costco food in her fridge and pick up her mail so her husband wouldn’t get it and leave it lying “who knows where.” Why is it that husbands can get the mail in the house but then they scatter it from room to room with no apparent rhyme or reason? Strange, true, and annoying.

The girls maintained themselves pretty well until around 1pm or so. I called for quiet time and eventually, after much whining, pushing, and moaning, this is what I found:

We arrived in the much anticipated Pie Town for a late lunch and pie. Much to our chagrin, our favorite eatery (Pie-oneer) is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we ended up at the only other establishment in town. We ordered 3 pieces of pie: chocolate crème (my mom confirmed that they were not trying to pass off chocolate pudding as crème before she ordered it), peanut butter (the pregnant waitress’s favorite), and blackberry (heated, but not with ice cream). Hands down, the best was a swipe of the chocolate with a full scoop of peanut butter. Yum. It wasn’t until we left that I informed my mom of the cost of the pie: $4.75 and $3.99 per slice. Yep, the supreme pie was just as costly as my full pork chop dinner. I guess that’s what you get for ordering pie in Pie Town.


April said...

Ryan will open his mail and leave it lying all over the house. I have no idea how he gets his bills paid. Your mom is smat to stop by and pick it up. Tasha looks so funny half out of her carseat.

April said...

I'm smat too.