Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008 Keith Reunion, Logan, NM

Most of us were stirring around 7am, although Tasha lazed around until 8. As I was straightening my hair I listened intently to the wall in front of me because I knew it was the wall that separated us from my Uncle Ray. I was curious to know if he still honked his nose every morning and wondering if they had already gotten up and left. Shur’nuf (that’s NM talk), at 7:30 there was the distinct sound of the nose horn going off. They left well before we did and we were lucky to get any breakfast at 8:30. I guess they start serving around 7am and are pretty much done cooking by 8. That’s all well and good, except that Arizona happens to be one of the few states that don’t adopt daylight savings time, and that would mean 6 and 7am to us. Tonight I’m leaving the blinds open so the sun shines in.

Last night my mom got to catch up with all of her generation. Interestingly enough, most of them are her uncles but are her age or younger. Her mother Leacy, was from a first marriage. After Leacy’s mother died, her father remarried and had another slew of kids with his second wife. There were 13 kids in all: Iva (just turned 100 this summer), Lewis, Leacy (my grandmother),TD, Alice, LeRoy, Edward, Neil,Tommy, Melvin and Alvin. (The last 6 boys were from the second wife) I really only have one uncle, my mom’s brother Ray, but I will refer to all of them as uncle since “great-uncle” would get just plain annoying. I took pictures of all of them and will give them each their own post, because they deserve it, but here are the remaining 5 brothers in all their laughing glory!

Alvin and Melvin (they are twins), Tommy, Neil, and LeRoy (the oldest brother) Aunt Iva is still living in Texas, just turned 100, but was unable to make the trip to NM.


April said...

That is the cutest bunch of old men I've ever seen. I would love to sit at a dinner table with them and just listen to their old stories. And by the way, Jenny is making all kinds of plans for when I get into town and they all involve eating. You're not alone.

H said...

I'm so happy someone else adores these old guys! I'll have to do their individual posts soon before I forget. Thanks for the reminder April!