Monday, December 7, 2009

NTS: Use Fancy Dishes Every Day

I have a friend who has come over a couple of times and heated up her lunch. She likes to use real dishes, not plastic, in the microwave and she also likes to eat soup. I really only have a few ceramic bowls to offer her and they are some pretty bowls that I got through Pampered Chef. I usually only get them out when I'm serving out of the matching enormous pasta bowl or if I serve a side dish out of them. They are shallow and wide so I don't really think to use them for regular eating. The last time she was here she was eating her soup out of one of these bowls and commented on what a great dish it was. I thought to myself, "ya know, she's right! Why don't I use these when I eat?!" So, now I do. I've heated up many a lunch in those babies and I'm pretty sure the food tastes better. The experience is definitely top notch and I'm not leaching any plastic particles into my food to give me some sort of funky disease in a few years.

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