Sunday, December 20, 2009

NTS: Make One Thing a Priority

I've found that I can count on getting about one thing done per day. ONE THING!!! If I get more than that accomplished then I consider it a good day. SO, if I only get one thing I have to make something a priority, and anything else is a bonus.

Things that don't qualify for the "one thing" category, but have to be done and interfere with getting that one thing accomplished:

  • nursing the baby

  • changing diapers

  • breaking up arguments between the girls

  • directing the girls on tasks other than watching TV

  • ignoring the dog (this takes effort to not explode in anger)

  • making the bed and putting away clothes

  • doing dishes (if this has become priority then things have been REALLY bad)

  • eating done after 11am (if I get breakfast then it was priority or it was a good day)

  • driving anywhere

  • answering the phone

  • answering email (read my technology post, this is as necessary as the phone now)

  • keeping the peace between siblings, parents, and friends

  • making dinner (although, by default do to the first item on this list, this task has fallen on Bill's shoulders more often than I'd like to admit)

  • carpooling

Things that I have to make a priority if I want them done:

  • showering before noon (this is done if I have someplace to be later and need to make sure I'm presentable before people)

  • working out (the time will vary depending on the mood and sleeping habits of the baby, and who is around to watch him)

  • grocery shopping

  • church

  • meetings (both church/calling related, and school)

  • cleaning the floor (although this was a bonus one day as I was waiting for my mom to come watch Payton while I went to the gym since that was priority that day)

  • cleaning the kitchen (if I did this regularly it wouldn't have to be on this list, dang it!)

  • LAUNDRY!!!

When did life get so complicated?

Oh yeah, when I became a mom.

So what is tomorrows priority? Finishing the laundry that I started Saturday. Then I'm finding a friend to hang out with and whine to about not getting anything done.


Ryan said...

Whine away...but can you whine while I stare at your screen saver?

Ryan said...

Hee hee, that's so funny that I'm signed in as Ryan.

Bill said...

Hmm...I will have to question Ryan now...