Thursday, December 17, 2009

NTS: Lagging Left Turn at Priest and Baseline

I used to live in Scottsdale and they had the lagging left turn signal at all the intersections. The solid green light would send all the cars through the intersection, then the left turn signal would let cars turn left. I adjusted to that fairly well and even grew to like it. It was nice if I missed the light because I could turn left, continue my travels, and just alter my route a little.

Then I moved back to Tempe and the turn signal comes before the straight green. This is a pain, especially if there is nobody sitting in the turn lane because you won't get the signal. I HATE sitting through a whole series of lights because I got to the intersection too late. Again, I adapted and got used to it.

Now however, I find myself driving east on Baseline quite often to get home. I can turn left on either Priest or Hardy. I usually go all the way to Hardy because I have all green lights in the morning. At least 3 times now I have decided to turn at Priest because the light has been red. AARGH! Why, oh why, is this the only intersection in Tempe where the left turn comes after the straight green?! Frustrating! I have to wait like a whole extra minute before I can get driving again!

Yes, I have driving issues.

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Crissybug said... true! Gilbert is the same way. I think I like have the turn after the green better. But it would be nice if all the cities did the same. I have to remind myself when I am in Mesa, or Tempe!